Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers ask a lot of great questions. We thought we'd share some of them with you, as you might be wondering about some of these things as well.

Our Company FAQs

After the devastation that Hurricane Ida caused in southern Louisiana in 2021, Chris Steele came to town from Pace, Florida to deliver storm relief items to help the local community. While in the area, Chris saw the need for a professional and certified fence company so after being hired to secure the local airport, the second branch of High Steele Fencing was born! As a Certified Fence Contractor, Chris and the High Steele Team knows what it takes to rebuild after a major storm. High Steele is here to help rebuild South Louisiana and continue serving the region even after the storm work is done. Our first location in Pace, FL was established in 2015, and we're proud to call Houma our second home!

We use the highest quality and most up to date materials on the market. We won't use the cheap stuff from big box stores. Our install times are very fast and we do not leave the job until it's complete. All of our fences are built to ASTM standards ensuring quality installation.

It's easy to get an estimate from Team High Steele! Simply reach out to our office staff through our online contact form, or give us a call and our friendly fence pros will walk you through the process. Before you call, it will be helpful if you have the measurements of your property and take a look at the types of fences available on our webpage to get an idea of the styles you like. We're happy to help you design your fence and get the security and privacy you need most.

Absolutely! We make sure to insure our company for our protection and yours, and we always obtain any licenses needed to work in every area we install fences. You can have peace of mind knowing that you're working with a reputable company in the Houma area!

We work hard to complete every fence job as timely as possible in a way that fits into your life and plans. While we can't guarantee a specific timeframe, we are happy to give you an idea of our current scheduling expectations if you give us a call and let us know what type of fence you need. Fence installation is planned based on our current schedule as well as the time it takes to order your specific fence materials. Speak to our team today to find out more!

The most popular fences for many of our Louisiana customers are wood fences and vinyl fences, but it really depends on the needs of your property what type of fence is best suited for you. We also carry great options in aluminum fencing and chain link fencing. Our team is glad to help you design and plan your fence based on your level of need for security, privacy, and even appearance!

Wood Fence FAQs

Wood fencing is a great option for many properties in the Houma area. The secret to finding out if it's right for you is to determine your main goals and speak to our experts to find out what they would recommend. Wood fencing is often a beautiful accent to spaces needing privacy, borders, or some security. It is one of the most customizable types of fences and very versatile.

Wood fences typically last up to 20 years when properly maintained and protected. Due to their natural material, wood fences can rot and warp, but when protected with high quality paint or stain and routinely checked for problem areas, wood fences can last for decades and beautifully accent your property for many years. The lifespan of your wood fence can also be dependent on the type of wood your fence is made out of. Some types of wood are more dense and durable than others.

One of our favorite aspects of wood fences in the Houma area is its versatility to be able to be modified and work in nearly any scenario. Wood fences are great for privacy, but they also work perfectly for open designs. Wood fences can be adjusted in height and modified to fit the terrain of your property, whatever the shape. The other best part of wood fencing is its natural beauty. While other types of fences can mimic the look of wood, nothing looks quite as natural as a traditional wood fence.

Wood fences do require more maintenance than some other types of fencing, but when properly cared for, they are a wonderful type of fence. To maintain your wood fence, be sure to seal it with a high quality stain or paint product and recoat it every few years. Also, check your fence now and then for any problem areas you may notice, like boards warping or cracking, and get the problem areas fixed right away. When you keep up with your wood fence, it can last longer than expected!

Wood fences are an excellent choice to create privacy at your home or business in the Houma area. Wood fences can be built in solid panels or semi-private designs based on your preferences and needs. Many people who are looking for privacy choose a style of wood fencing. You can even adjust the height of your fence and the shape of the picket tops.

Staining or painting your wood fence is up to you, but we highly recommend it! Wood is a natural material that is prone to breaking down over time sooner than some other types of fences. Coating your fence with a high quality stain or paint will not only look great but will protect your fence from damage and provide the best long-term results. If you would like more tips or information on staining your fence, please reach out to our fence experts anytime!

Aluminum Fence FAQs

Aluminum fences are a great choice for properties all across the Houma area. The features and benefits of aluminum fencing create an elegant look and a secure boundary for your home or business. We even carry styles to help protect your small pets within your yard. If you haven’t had a chance yet, scroll through the details on our aluminum fence page to learn about what you’ll receive when you purchase an aluminum fence through Houma Fence Company.

Aluminum fences are a very low maintenance type of fence that lasts a long time. The material is engineered and professionally protected to resist rust and corrosion and takes next to no cleaning for the duration of its life. When it may need a gentle wash, simply use a water hose or regular household cleaners and a sponge to wipe it down. Otherwise, no care is needed!

Having a powder coating on your aluminum fence means that the finish color is protected with a chemically bonded covering that will keep your fence from rusting and keep it easy to clean. It is done by a process of using an electrostatically charged powder that is applied and then baked onto the metal into a smooth finish.

Aluminum fences are a strong metal style of fence that works well at properties in Houma, Louisiana. Aluminum material may not seem strong because it is engineered to be lightweight, but don’t be fooled! These fences are comparable with other types of metal fences and can withstand the impact and winds the Houma area may experience.

Aluminum fences are an incredibly great option for keeping your pets safe in your yard. Not only are they made of a strong metal material, but we carry styles that have “puppy pickets”. This is an added section at the bottom of your fence with pickets that are spaced closer together so even the smallest of dogs can’t squeeze through.

Most aluminum fence styles in the Houma area are rackable, which means they can be installed to follow the ground whether it slopes up or down in uneven terrain. The best thing to do to find out what you need for your specific space is to directly contact our fence experts. They can help you pick the perfect fence and style for your specific case.

Vinyl Fence FAQs

Vinyl fence is normally made of a plastic material called polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and is the world's third highest produced synthetic type of plastic. Not only is it used to make beautiful fences in a wide variety of styles, but it is also used for products like windows, pipes, and other construction materials.

Definitely! Many people choose vinyl fencing because of its privacy features in certain styles. Look at the fence styles we offer and decide which works best for your needs, whether it's full privacy or semi-private.

Of all the fence materials you can choose, vinyl fencing is a pretty eco-friendly one. Not only is it long-lasting, creating a lower need for additional resources being produced and used, but it's recyclable when you have leftovers or are ready to replace it. Also, it has no need of being painted or treated with additional harmful chemicals. Of all the fencing options, vinyl is an environmentally friendly type of fence to install.

Vinyl fences are crafted with a material called PVC which is a non-porous substance and most paint will not stick to it. One of the most popular reasons people in the Houma area choose vinyl fencing is because there is no need to paint or stain it! The color you get with your vinyl fence will not fade or chip, and will stay looking new and bright for the lifetime of your fence.

Vinyl fences are practically maintenance free! The only thing we suggest when it comes to maintaining your vinyl fence is to keep an eye on any dirt build-up and hose it down with water if it ever starts to accumulate any dust or dirt. If you prefer, gentle household cleaners can also be used. Besides an occasional wash, your new fence will last a long time with no hassle!

Vinyl fences are a very popular choice for Houma properties all across the region. Many of our Houma clients choose vinyl fences for its low maintenance, sturdy make-up that provides property owners security, privacy, and an enhanced look to their home or business.

Chain Link Fence FAQs

Chain link fences are one of the most economical types of fencing, coming at a lower upfront cost than many other types of fencing. Of course, the cost of your chain link fence is dependent on the size of your area to be enclosed as well as the gauge you choose for the metal mesh. Get a quote from our experts today, to find out which options work best for your needs and budget!

Chain link fencing in Houma, Louisiana is an option that many residential and commercial properties choose for their security and safety. When you're looking for practicality and economical fencing, chain link is a great way to go. This strong metal fence is a tried-and-true material with a strong link weave that can be installed in heights starting at 4' and going up to 8 in some cases. Animals and children can play safely inside of a yard protected by a chain link fence, and business owners can protect their materials and property with a chain link security fence.

Yes, chain link fences are available in heights from 4', 6', and 8' heights. They also come in a variety of grade levels based on your security needs. Residential chain link fencing is normally the most economical. After that, commercial and industrial grades of chain link fences can be installed for spaces needing added security.

Powder coating is a process developed where a powder substance is used to coat the exterior of a chain link fence in such a way that the heat of the application solidifies onto the fence to protect it. Powder coating on a chain link fence is a method developed to have a better process and outcome than traditional painting. It also allows the protective layer to be thicker overall and more evenly distributed on the fence for a stronger result. Many years of development has gone into powder coating materials and methods and has been a trusted method for years.

Chain link fences are one of the most economical types of fencing, coming at a lower upfront cost than many other types of fencing. Of course, the cost of your chain link fence is dependent on the size of your area to be enclosed as well as the gauge you choose for the metal mesh. Get a quote from our experts today, to find out which options work best for your needs and budget!

It's fairly easy to secure your chain link fence from being able to be pushed out for an animal to escape. All you need to add is a bottom tension wire that will reinforce the fabric and frame. Tension wire can be added in a variety of gauges just like the chain link fabric itself can be adjusted. If a tension wire is not enough, a bottom rail could also be installed for a stronger barrier.