It can be intimidating to shop for a new fence, and understanding the features, benefits, and details of each type of fence can be overwhelming. High Steele of Houma is a premier Houma fence company, and we are here to help you understand which fence is most suitable for you. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of wood fencing and how it may be the best option for your property. 

Wood Fences and The Louisiana Climate

Although wood fences are popular among property owners in Houma, LA, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best choice for your property. There are a lot of factors to consider, and each situation is unique. Wood fences do require a bit more maintenance and attention than other fence types, and eventually, they will break down and need to be replaced. However, wood is all-natural, economical, and beautiful, and it does last for many years if you take care of it properly. When properly installed, it holds up well in the Louisiana climate, making it a great option for Houma residential fence projects. 

How Strong Are Wood Fences?

In most cases, when properly installed, wood fences are extremely strong and durable. There are a few things to consider to determine how strong your fence will be after installation. 

#1: Properly Installed Wood Fence Posts

It’s important to hire an experienced Houma fence company like High Steele Fence of Houma, because we know the best installation methods, follow all industry standards, and only use top-grade products. We use steel Postmaster® posts, ensuring your fence is durable and long-lasting. Following these standards ensures that your fence will last for several years. 

#2: Fence Material Should Be Highest Quality

Low-budget fence companies tend to use lower-quality wood. However, the quality of the wood makes a difference in the longevity of the fence because low-quality wood is less dense and contains more flaws, making it weak. In order to ensure that your Houma residential fence is strong, durable, and long-lasting, we use pressure-treated pine wood or cedar. 

#3: Correctly Fastened Wooden Boards

Using high-quality wood is important, but the quality of the hardware is equally important. We use exterior-grade fasteners and latches that do not rust or easily break down, and all of the fasteners on our gates are exterior-grade and durable. 


Not all fence companies follow these guidelines, nor can they guarantee a durable Houma residential fence. 

When you hire High Steele of Houma, you know you will receive top-notch workmanship, experienced installation, and superior attention to detail. 

Styles of Wood Fence in Houma, Louisiana

Wood fences are customizable and extremely versatile. They complement many types of architecture, and since they can be painted or stained the options are nearly limitless. The following are some of the most popular local styles: 


Photo of a wood picket fence in Houma Louisiana

Wood Picket Fences

Wood picket fences create an inviting, nostalgic look. They create a nice border along a property line or around a yard without looking harsh or unwelcoming. If you want a classic, attractive addition to your property, picket fences are an excellent option. 


photo of ranch rail fence Houma Louisiana

Ranch Rail Fences

Ranch rail fences tend to be used for farm or agriculture settings, but they are also a suitable choice for fencing in large spaces. Available in 2-rail, 3-rail, or crossbuck designs, they offer a nice custom look while also providing a functional boundary. They are not ideal for privacy or security, but if you need to fence in large livestock or simply mark a boundary on a large section of land, ranch rail may be the best pick. 


Wood Shadowbox fence in Houma, Louisiana

Shadowbox Wood Fences

Shadowbox fencing looks amazing from either side of the fence, making it a perfect solution for spaces that need to look great from both sides. It’s particularly well-suited for those who need to share a fence line with neighbors. Shadowbox fences look like privacy fences from the front, but from a side angle, you can see through them. The benefit of this is increased airflow, making it more durable and able to withstand high winds. 


Photo of wood privacy fence in Houma, Louisiana

Standard Privacy (Stockade) Wood Fences

 Stockade fences are full-privacy fences that are popular with those looking to completely fence in their yard. The pickets are set tightly next to each other with no gaps, creating a secure, durable, and strong fence. To customize this style and create a unique fence, choose from several top finishes including dog ear, cap and trim, and lattice. 


Explore More Wood Fences from a Houma Fence Company

For more information and inspiration, check out our wood fence page on our website. Our work speaks for itself and we hope you’ll see something you like as you plan your next Houma residential fence project! 

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