Embarking on a new fence project? Strategic planning of your gate selection is key! The perfect balance of functionality and style for your Houma residential fence can be yours. Don’t let a gate dilemma hold you back. We’ve got you covered with a handy guide from your trusted Houma, LA fence company to help you navi-”gate” your gate decisions. From the type of gate to the number of gates that work best for your property, read on for expert advice from Houma Fence Company. 

Types of Fence Gates by one of the Top-Rated Fence Companies in Houma, LA

When deciding on the number and type of gates, a key detail to consider is the choice of material. Gates that blend in with the existing fence are often an ideal option; however, there are certain times when using a contrasting gate material can be best. Choosing a style and material for the gates that complement the whole project is easy with Houma Fence Company, a premier fencing contractor in Houma, LA. We have a variety of styles available, so check out our vinyl fences, aluminum fences, wood fences, and chain link fences for ideas and inspiration. 


The following gate options are some to choose from when working on a new fence installation:


  • Single/Standard Gates: The single-door gate has one swinging door and is big enough for one person to walk through. This type of gate is usually the same height as the fence. There are several design elements to choose from to customize your gate including arched tops, latticework, or arbors. Single-door gates should be reinforced so that they do not warp or sag. The latch system should be installed and placed with special attention to create an easy exit and entry process.


  • Double Gates: When access is needed for larger items such as lawn maintenance equipment or recreational vehicles, a double gate is necessary. Double gates can range from 10’ to 16’ wide to accommodate entry for a variety of specific needs. 

  • Drive Gates: A residential driveway gate creates an impressive entry to the property. For commercial properties requiring a secure access point, drive gates offer extra security and protection for employees and assets. 

  • Pool Gates: Protecting your property and providing an added layer of security is the main purpose of installing a Houma residential fence. This is especially true for pool areas, and many towns and cities have regulations in place for pool gates and fences. Houma Fence Company, the knowledgeable fencing contractor in Houma, LA, adheres to all regulations, so you can be assured that your gate will meet or exceed code requirements. 

Consider the Size Of Your Property and Fence Location 

Careful planning is essential when considering the size of your property and the fence’s location. For smaller lots, a single gate may suffice, while larger yards may require multiple access points. The purpose of your fence should be taken into account when deciding on the number of gates and their placement. If your Houma residential fence serves as a boundary or runs along the back edge, a gate might not be necessary. However, if your backyard is a haven for playful children, having a gate can be advantageous for swift retrieval of stray footballs, baseballs, and other toys. Your trusted Houma, LA fence company can help you strike the perfect balance with strategic gate placement and ensure convenience meets functionality in your fence design.

Variations for Residential and Commercial Properties

The size and number of gates you need for your project will also be dependent on the type of property you are planning to fence. A Houma residential fence often requires entry points for personal vehicles, lawn care equipment, or recreational vehicles. 


Commercial property owners may have extra considerations for their space and sometimes need several gates as entry points for their customers, employees, or freight. Warehouses and delivery areas may need to be separated from employee and customer parking areas, employee parking may need to be different than customer parking, and freight entry may need to be completely separated from these as well. As a top-rated Houma, LA fence company, we have many years of experience in helping our clients to choose the perfect fence and gates for their property. We have several options available for every type of situation you may present, and we will find the best solution for your needs. 

Our Top-Rated Houma, LA Fence Company Will Meet Your Fence and Gate Needs

Houma Fence Company is one of the top-rated fence companies in Houma, LA, and we are here to guide you through every step of your Houma residential fence or commercial fence project. Gate designs are as varied as fence designs, and we create the perfect solution for your property, whether you are working with a classic wood fence, a beautiful aluminum fence, a functional chain link fence, or a stunning vinyl fence. Get the process started with our convenient instant quote tool. We are eager to provide you with superior customer service and attention, so call us at (985) 612-7870 or contact us online today!