As a conscientious property owner, you want to make sure that the decisions you make for your residential or commercial space are well-planned. Fence installations are no exception, and while the perfect fence may not look the same for everyone, it’s important to choose one that adds value, security, and curb appeal to your space. As a Houma, LA fence company, High Steel of Houma believes vinyl fencing can provide all of these benefits and more. 

Five Advantages of Houma, LA Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing consistently tops the list for residential and commercial property owners looking for durability, attractiveness, and strength. We believe this combination of strengths makes vinyl fencing a great option for Houma, LA homes. The following list showcases five benefits that vinyl fencing provides. 

Houma, LA Vinyl Fence is Durable

Vinyl fencing does not need to be replaced or repaired the way that wood fencing does and it does not need much upkeep to keep it looking fresh and new. Considering that vinyl fences do not need to be replaced and require little care, they have exceptional value over the life of the fence. Add our lifetime limited workmanship warranty and the manufacturer warranty, and the value of vinyl is truly unmatched. 

Strength and Longevity of Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are surprisingly strong and can withstand extreme weather conditions. When installed properly, they can resist extremely high wind loads, they won’t fade from the sun, and they do not absorb moisture so they won’t deteriorate if installed near pools or sprinkler systems. Additionally, vinyl is approximately 5x stronger than wood and is not susceptible to insect damage the way that wood fences are. This durability and strength provide longevity that cannot be offered by many other types of fencing. 

Low Maintenance Features

Because vinyl fencing is the same color throughout, it will not fade over time. This means you don’t have to sand, stain, seal, or paint it. You also won’t need to replace rotten or warped boards. Your vinyl fence will remain beautiful and fresh with very little maintenance. 


If you notice that your vinyl fence does need some cleaning, most of the time a rinse with the garden hose will be enough to clean it. If there is a build-up or more grime than normal, warm water and a gentle cleanser should be used. 


Since it won’t require many repairs and does not need extensive upkeep, vinyl fencing is an excellent option for those who want an appealing fence without needing to invest a lot of time in maintenance. This is one of the best qualities of vinyl fencing!  

Vinyl Fencing is Visually Appealing

Vinyl fencing provides a distinct border for your property. Its clean, white appearance adds an attractive element to your outdoor space. Again, since it will never fade, you do not need to paint it or stain it to keep it looking fresh and presentable. Your property will look well-manicured, orderly, and neat when framed by a vinyl fence. 

Privacy Created by Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fencing is the best option if you are looking for full privacy combined with the durability and strength we mentioned above. Available in one-piece panels that eliminate the gaps between pickets, vinyl is perfect for spaces that need privacy and complete enclosure. It also works very well for hiding trash and recycling dumpsters or mechanical equipment on commercial properties. 

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